The Girl and Woman Soccer Player, A practical Guide


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HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF GIRLS and teenagers, often all the girls in a family, are involved with sports and choose soccer.
The  young girls, having as prototypes famous soccer stars, whose t-shirts they wear, dream that one day they will become like them and even better, while their parents already imagine their tender offspring causing hats to be tossed in the bright lights during the delirium  of the crowds. They ecstatically observe their adored one display her talents and her charisma in the training sessions and the games, while at the same time investing ambitions and dreams in her legs.
How many of those young girls, however, will finally manage to escape the cruel fate of obscurity that causes them to become a disappointment to themselves and to their families?  Why does the majority remain behind or give up while other players continue? Why do only a few reach the top?  What went wrong, what continuous mistake betrayed the ambitions and dreams of a young girl and her family?   How did a long and tiring effort finally fail?  What was the cause?  Was it perhaps the girl, or the family, perhaps her school obligations or the reality of society or her team itself?
To begin with, it is not possible for all girls to become professional players. They are not all gifted with the physical and emotional attributes necessary for the particular sport.  But even those who are physically talented and appear to have all the qualities, do not reach the top, except for very few. Improper handling, exaggerated expectations, bad coaches, flawed efforts, harmful attempts, reduced interest, a non-compatible environment, and asphyxiating school and family pressures bring about the opposite result.
This book is concerned with the girls who play academic soccer and the children’s teams of the associations, as well as with those who go there to exercise and become accustomed to a way of life that is healthy and creative, without the stress of athletic recognition and with those (mainly) who have lofty goals, who have the physical attributes, the talent, the persistence and the family support, but who also need additional scientific guidance to make optimum use of their qualities – to improve their biological  resources so that they can achieve the greatest possible athletic result with the least probable injuries.
The subject matter of the book herein, as it has been chosen and structured, adds yet another building block to the soccer bibliography. Being that it sheds light on all aspects, the hope is that it will be particularly useful to all those who are involved with the particular sport, and also with sports in general.
The manner in which it was written draws the attention of those who are concerned that it may be a scientific book, as highly specific topics are successfully worded in a simple manner. Therefore, it attracts a wide spectrum of readers such as coaches, players, doctors, dieticians, parents, fans and particularly those involved with soccer who hold the fate of that popular sport in their hands.

Fylatos Publishing


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